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About MyCandyLove

It’s a terrific way to practice approaching guys over the phone without practicing with buddies or bringing them along. This interactive game, based on a Japanese dating game, allows you to simulate dating in high school in the comfort of your home. My Candy Love is for you if you like to play games where you can socialize and flirt with the sexiest guy in school!

The game My Candy Love consists of several episodes, each with specific objectives that must be fulfilled to advance. Developing relationships with the boys at school is the center of it all. How do you interact with them, spend time with them, or make each other feel special with your characteristics? You start by creating your character. Selecting your zodiac sign, hair color and style, and personal style all fall under this category.

As you progress through the game, you may start decorating your character’s room and earning awesome stuff. Each episode ends with a score for you. You can go on a date with a particular guy if your score with him is good enough! This lets you choose stylish clothing and craft engaging responses to typical “date” queries.

Only ten movement points are available to you each day. You can travel between these locations. You will have lots of time to play with this, and if you’d like, you can buy more points. The things you must finish to advance in the game make it unique. The plot revolves around your choices, offering multiple outcomes based on your preferences.

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